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Red Ball


About Red Ball

Red Ball is an amazing and fascinating ball game about an adventure to rescue the ball kingdom from very fierce squares. Let's help our red ball hero.

A tragic incident occurred in the kingdom of balls on a sudden day. Block enemies have attacked their homeland, intending to capture and enslave all the inhabitants of the kingdom of darkness. The gray squares want to turn the red balls into squares so they become their own. But that won't happen as long as the red ball is. This little hero encounters huge and dangerous opponents. The adventure to the enemy stronghold begins here. On the way, our red marble hero will encounter traps that square troops set up, spikes, mines and especially patrolling soldiers all day. The further you go, the more difficult the path to becoming a hero will become.

Through each level, the game screen is a different wall of the enemy and of course, the difficulty of the levels also increases gradually. You have to find your way while avoiding barriers, the patrolling enemies and that requires a great deal of mental focus. Pay attention to the bridges made of small wooden slats, they can move as soon as you step on them and you will fall if you don't run fast. Especially in times of danger, you can explode with power and can knock down enemies from behind.

How to play

Help the red heroes save the kingdom by using the left arrow buttons (to go back) right (to keep moving) and the up arrow buttons to jump. When you pass all the challenges, you will pass the level and the progress will be judged by turns of stars, from one to three stars.


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