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Rocking Sky Trip


About Rocking Sky Trip

The playing rule

Rocking Sky Trip is a running game featuring 4 challenging levels. Control the ball to avoid many dangerous obstacles and reach the finish line.

This game is played by taking control of a ball to roll through many interconnected tiles. Your ultimate goal is to go as far as possible and get the highest possible score. Be careful as there is a variety of deadly obstacles along the way. They include swinging hammers, windmills, giant leaps, and so on. Try to avoid colliding with them if you don't want to lose soon. You need to pay attention to two kinds of tiles on the path. They are blue tiles and brown tiles. The blue tiles are unsteady. They will start falling after the ball rolls on them. Therefore, you need to control the ball to roll to the next tile quickly before it falls off the track. The brown tiles will make the ball bounce when it rolls on them. You can utilize them to jump as high as possible to overcome giant leaps.

Collecting diamonds is another task in this game. At each level, you have to gather enough 20 diamonds. Play this game now and have fun. Muck like this game, our website presents Tunnel Rush which is also an exciting running game.

How to play

  • Press LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS or A-D keys to move

Levels and Tips for Rocking Sky Trip

Challenging levels

This game features 4 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Each level features a different obstacle course. Especially, you don't need to complete a level to unlock the next one. Instead, you can choose them freely to play at any time.

  • Level 1: The main obstacles in this level are swinging hammers, giant windmills, and high pine trees. It is possible to say that it is the easiest level in this game. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can play it first to practise your skills.
  • Level 2: The obstacle course of this level is similar to Level 1. However, it is more challenging than Level 1. Specifically, the rolling speed of the ball is faster.
  • Level 3: This level features many obstacles such as spiked columns and crumbling tiles. If you are a master of this game, you can try it out.
  • Level 4: It is the hardest level in this game. It has a variety of obstacles such as coconut trees, high walls and crumbling tiles. You have to use your quick fingers and reflex to evade them.

Strategies to beat them

Because the game has many challenges, it is necessary to build your own strategy while you play the game. Here are some tips I want to recommend for you.

  • Control the ball to roll in the middle of the track: As the positions of the obstacles are unpredictable, you can easily fall off the track. Therefore, you had better keep the ball rolling in the middle of the track. This allows you to move left or right easily to evade all obstacles.
  • Be patient: The giant pine trees, windmills, and spiked columns move from up to down and vice versa. When you see that the upcoming obstacle is one of them, don't speed up your ball. Just keep it rolling at a normal speed. Wait for these obstacles to move up and then increase the speed of the ball.
  • Utilize the brown tiles: There are many giant leaps on the path. To overcome them, you need to roll on the brown tiles to jump as high as possible.


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