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About Rope

Rope is a puzzle game that is fun for everyone. You need to control the moving rope to go through all the circles together to unlock more levels.

Coming to Rope, you will have to solve puzzles at each level. Each level that you play will have small circles around the screen and a rope. Your task is to pull the rope so that it passes through those circles. How to drag the way is your creative way. At each level, the circles are in different positions and the number will also increase, so you need to think carefully about your path accordingly.

How to pull rope?

Rope has simple gameplay suitable for children to solve puzzles in their spare time. Our rope is fixed at one point. Take the mouse and drag that rope and move it in the direction you want. Use your creativity and careful thinking to complete the task yourself. Simply let that rope go through enough circles to pass the level, can you do it? Pay attention to the blue lines, your rope going through it will not be accepted. Each difficulty level is waiting for you at the back, try hard.


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