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Sausage Flip


About Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip is a fun entertainment game with a small sausage. You have to drag and throw the sausage in your hand as far as possible to complete the mission.

Quests in Sausage Flip

When playing Sausage Flip you need to control your hands to throw the sausage as far as possible. If the scissors are deflected but the sausage has not been dropped, continue to throw, until your sausage crosses the black-and-white finish line, and you will win. If you read this far, don't think it's simple. When playing too high levels, to increase the difficulty there will be dangerous obstacles you should stay away from such as bricks, fire cars, or spinning wheels that will deflect your way.


If you play Bubble Shooter Pro, Mini Flips Plus, you will find that the common thing with Sausage Flip is the vivid images and catchy sounds that attract every player from the first moment. The levels are gradually difficult but the challenge is gradually difficult and different is also an outstanding thing that people love in this game. You also like to play and share with your friends and show off your achievements.

Sausage Flip Guide

You control and throw the sausage very simply. Use the mouse to drag back or use your hands if playing on the phone, the farther the drag, the more intense the reflex will be and your sausage will be shot farther. But you have to pay attention to the surrounding obstacles to adjust the firing force accordingly and not cause collisions with them. Pay attention to the angle and calculate the force carefully to be able to pass the levels easily.


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