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Slingshot Vampire


About Slingshot Vampire

Coming to Slingshot Vampire, you will be a cute little monster. Your mission is to jump high, avoid the flames, spikes, etc and escape the dangerous dungeon.

You are a small vampire in a dark cellar living peacefully day after day. A simple life doesn't last long when the villains come and sabotage your defenses. The light is coming closer and closer to you. You need to jump wildly from one green point to another. This is a race because you are not allowed to slow down if you do not want to be burned by the light. Along the way you climb and will also face arrows, sharp nail traps, rotary saws, etc. Everything is a pitfall that will get you crushed.

Collect items and win

In this race, you need to aim and rotate with your mouse to angle and release to let this little vampire jump up along the path you create. If aiming incorrectly at the blue points, it will fall and lose. You also need to calculate the firing line to be able to collect gold coins scattered around. You can use it to change your character's appearance. In addition, in addition to these gold coins, you can get unique items that can give you an advantage and help you stay alive, such as shields or items that help you fly far, despite all obstacles. obstacles in the way. Good luck in calculating the force and reflexes to complete the mission in Slingshot Vampire.


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