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Slope 3


About Slope 3

Slope 3 is a completely new running game for you to experience a new feeling. Run on the deep slopes with dangerous obstacles, and see the finish line.

In Slope 3, you will be the control of the ball running on endless slopes. On those slopes, there are many obstacles that you have to overcome. Various obstacles and many shapes are everywhere, and as long as you go into them, and touch them, you will lose. You lead the ball how to go as far, the higher the score, you will win. Along the way, both avoid obstacles and you also avoid walls. If your ball is deflected and runs close to the wall, you will also die. Also, look out for deep black holes as well. You go in there of course the ball also falls out of space and you also lose the game. The ball is running faster and faster, it is difficult to control, and the obstacles on the road are countless and increasing. Even if you hold the ball for a long time, the ball can cause elasticity, jumping back out.

But rest assured, the further you go, the more points you get, then the ball will also slow down for a while. So try to move the ball as far as possible, and earn as many points as possible to get your name in the rankings. Each ramp presses different obstacles to give you new experiences. Along with the graphics, 3D neon effects with eye-catching colors and vivid sound following each step of the ball will surely make you amazed at the realism. The emotions when playing Slope 3 definitely give you unforgettable feelings. This will be a game not to be missed for those of you who want to find a light entertainment game that is no less dramatic.

Tips: try to keep the ball in a straight line to avoid hitting the wall. Be quick and pay close attention to the way to avoid obstacles.

How to play

If playing on the computer, when you press the start button, the ball will run automatically. To avoid obstacles, you need to use the arrow buttons left to right and the up arrow to jump or you can use the A/D button. As for those of you playing on the phone, it's simpler, surf to control the ball, avoid obstacles, go far and leave your name in the rankings.


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