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Smart Looter


About Smart Looter

Become a thief and steal many valuables in Smart Looter, can you do it? Plan carefully so that the theft is successful and not caught by the police.

Have you ever known the thief Kaito Kid in the famous detective manga Conan? He was once an idol of many people because he was so good and handsome. There is no mission to steal gems or treasures that he cannot rob. Now with Smart Looter, you can also try to experience what it is like to be a smart thief. As a thief, you will have to perform a series of headaches. Find out where you want to steal, how to get there, what valuables are there to steal, etc. Make a detailed plan and make sure you have a chance to win. Then, quickly run to the car with your accomplices waiting, run away and you will pass the level, become rich and unlock the next theft. If unfortunately caught by the security police, you will definitely go to jail and lose the game. This game will challenge your intelligence and quickness, and play right away with friends to become a notorious thief that everyone is afraid of.

How to play

The game has 50 levels equivalent to 50 locations and tons of treasures for you to steal. Go to different places, find valuables, and steal with the mouse control to move the character. At the same time, pay attention to an important person. That's the security guard. The security guard will always patrol, and the number will increase with each level. If it shows red on the screen, you've been seen by security. Run away quickly if you don't want to go to jail. Remember, you can steal items and successfully escape, successfully climb into the car with your friends, then you will win.

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