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About SpiderDoll

Is your favorite superhero Spider-Man? Then you must try playing SpiderDoll now to enjoy the feeling of flying in the sky between houses to chase enemies.

Transform into the tough Spider-Man to shoot webs and fly from house to house to escape the evil OctoPuppet. Besides, you will try the feeling of being a superhero to fight goblins and rescue your girlfriend Mary. Launch your wire to locate an attachment site on buildings, metal beams, and other urban structures, then swing to acquire momentum and always go ahead. You are exactly in a race against time because the dangerous creature behind you will try to catch you. But you are a superhero that should not be afraid. Try to make good use of your skillful movement to cling firmly to the buildings, firmly grasp the rope, and not fall, you will reach the final destination.

How To Control SpiderDoll

SpiderDoll likes Warbot.io a simple entertaining game with an easy way to play and attract all players. You just need to use the arrow keys and then use the spacebar or the left mouse button to shoot spider webs that move between buildings. To shoot two distinct webs and swing quicker, use both mouse buttons to control Spidey's hands. You may also blast spider web balls at firing foes to improve your score. Let's calculate the skillful path and flexible control of our superhero Spiderman to complete the goal.


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