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Squid Run


About Squid Run

Squid Run is a popular survival game nowadays. Challenge with familiar folk games but you have enough ability to overcome all difficulties.

Squid Run became a worldwide sensation after debuting on Netflix earlier this year. The show's theme blended survival drama with challenges inspired by youngsters' leisure hobbies. However, for the sake of drama, the program changed the rules of the game to make everyone experience a heart-pounding feeling. For example, in Red Light Green Light, a single miscalculation resulted in death. To survive and not die in the first place, you must put yourself in the shoes of the characters and endure the most difficult scenarios. Use reasoning ability clearly and achieve excellent results. If you lose in the first round, don't be sad, will have unlimited retries to improve your performance and maximize your score. A difficult and dramatic game that will surely attract your ability to conquer the challenge, play it now.

How to play

Use the mouse or slide your finger across the screen to control the character's movement.


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