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Stacky Run


About Stacky Run

Stacky Run is an entertaining road-building game. You go collect bricks, get diamonds along the way, avoid obstacles and reach the finish line, be the winner.

In the game, you will be able to choose the characters you want. After that, you start building the bridge. You stand on the first island, go collect bricks and diamonds. Those bricks try to get as much in the first islands. Because you have to go to another island to reach the destination and those bricks we will use to build the bridge. The closer to the finish line there will be no more bricks for you to pick up.

In fact, the rules of the game are simple, you just need to get enough bricks to build bridges across the islands to reach the finish line, and you will win. But also try to collect more diamonds, it will help you in more difficult levels. You need diamonds in exchange for tools or small rewards. You just need to run straight to the finish line, slowly calmly get all the bricks.

Tips: when building a bridge to switch islands, you should go straight, so you will spend fewer bricks. and when taking bricks, be careful not to miss bricks and go off the island, you will waste bricks outside.

How to play

You use the mouse to move left and right, and the character in the game also moves, when you go out of the island, the bricks will automatically drop down the way you go, so you don't need to use any more operations to build a bridge.


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