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Star Maze

About Star Maze

Star Maze is a fun and exceptionally engaging maze game. You find the exit by painting this lovely maze and collecting enough stars in it.

Your mission is to navigate this deadly maze by drawing your way to get enough stars and paint through the maze. As you move the ball, this will leave a trail of color behind it. That's how you paint the maze so don't worry about that. Instead, you need to direct it along the path to the stars to complete levels. The disadvantage of the ball is that it cannot be stopped midway or changed direction. It will roll to the end of the row on the way and from there you will direct the ball further.

In the game, there are 100 levels equivalent to 100 puzzles that need you to solve to get out. A light entertainment game that helps you use your intelligence to solve puzzles. Beautiful graphics, colors, and images make you fall in love, the game is also very suitable for children to exercise creativity and development.

Tips: you can go back to the lines that you have painted, so feel free to create the fastest way to pass the level.

How to play

You use the mouse and drag the row where you want the ball to move. If you meet a dead end, continue to find another way to get to the stars, when you collect enough stars, you will pass the level and escape this deadly maze.


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