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Super Fighters


About Super Fighters

Super Fighters is a challenging dangerous fighting game. When playing the game, be careful around full of enemies that can kill you at any time.

Super Fighters will bring you moments of chaotic fighting with realistic images and sounds. You will be very surprised to see chaotic scenes like in action movies. The characters in the game occasionally erupt in blood, and the graphics are cartoonish and pixelated. But opponents that you have to fight a lot. Just meet you, they will take the gun to shoot immediately. Your life is at stake. Rest assured that in your warehouse there are many weapons. Sight guns, long guns, hunting guns, saws, etc are all available. Choose one of them to start saving yourself. Of course, when you kill opponents along the way, you can get their weapons. Pay attention to stay away from bomb boxes along the way if you don't want to be blown up. Along the way, if you are lucky, you will also encounter some more items to help you eliminate enemies immediately. Moreover, the game takes place in a pulpy dystopian alternate history with a retro sci-fi backdrop. It is interspersed with the game's backstory and story. Especially, if you are too bored to play the game alone, go to the menu to choose the two-player mode and join your friends in these fierce battles right away.

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How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the character. When meeting an opponent, to shoot, use the M or Enter key, and to increase the power, pay attention to the "."


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