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About Timberman

Joining the challenge to become a tree worker with Timberman. The process of cutting your tree is simple but will face many dangers, will you overcome them?

Starting the game with Timberman, you will be caught up in the mining process of this hard worker. You will be transformed into a tree cutter in the game and need to cut down as many trees as possible. But not as simple as that, your time to cut down trees is limited. In the allotted time, you must quickly cut down a lot of trees to earn points. Besides that, you will also have to face obstacles on both sides. Each time you pass the level you have more and more dangers and the surrounding environment will also change.

The Way to become Lumberjack

Timberman will bring you excitement with interesting sound images. The gameplay is also very simple and suitable for all ages. When you play on the computer, you just need to click on either side of the tree to chop it down. If you're playing on your phone, tap the two trunks on the screen. Although simple, to become a woodcutter that can quickly avoid all dangers, you need a lot of practice time. Cutting more trees earns you lots of points and you will have the opportunity to upgrade and explore our 104 different woodworkers. Practice quick observation and start picking up the ax and working hard to cut down trees quickly.


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