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Two Ball 3D: Dark


About Two Ball 3D: Dark

Challenging gameplay

Two Ball 3D: Dark is a new version of the Slope series with a Dark theme. Choose a game mode and start rolling the ball on the endless racetrack.

The game will put your ingenuity and reflex to the test as you have to control the ball to avoid many dangerous obstacles on the track. If the ball hit them, you will fail. Therefore, you have to be careful. Another difficulty is that the track is fairly narrow and the rolling speed of the ball is really fast. You have to guide the ball rolling in the middle of the track to avoid falling. Furthermore, the track has many insurmountable leaps. To overcome them, you need to utilize the slanted board. Control the ball to roll on the slanted board to jump as high as possible and land on the next safely. Especially, in this new version, the ball is equipped with two wings. These wings help you jump more balanced. The final challenge in the game is the walls of the tunnel. The ball will explode if it crashes into the walls. To avoid this happening, you need to control the ball to roll in the middle of the tunnel and on its roof.

Besides, don't forget to collect as many diamonds as you can during the race. You can use the diamonds you collected to purchase more boosters and a variety of balls. Play this game now to experience the feeling of an adrenaline rush when you run on the racetrack at a fast speed. If you like this game and want something more thrilling, check out Tunnel Rush which is also a fast-paced game on our website.

How to control


Press the WASD keys to control the ball


Press ARROW KEYS to control the ball

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by RHM Interactive OU and released in April 2021. You can play it in the web browser on a PC.

Distinctive features of Two Ball 3D: Dark

Game modes

The game offers two playable modes that you can select freely.

  • 1 PLAYER: This mode is suitable for anyone who plays this game alone. Your ultimate objective in this game is to go as far as possible on the endless racetrack. If you are a newbie, choose this mode to practise first.
  • 2 PLAYER: This mode allows you and your friends to play this game on the same device. In this mode, you have to compete with your friend. The first one who falls off the track will be the loser.

Available Boosters

There are 3 boosters sold in the shop. You need to earn as many diamonds as possible to purchase them as they will help you go further. Here's the list of boosters in the game and their function

  • Shield: The square obstacles are the most challenging in the game. Therefore, you can use the shield to avoid getting hurt after crashing into the obstacles. However, it can't protect you from falling. The run is still over if your ball unexpectedly falls off the track while using this power-up. In addition, its duration is limited.
  • Magnet: It is used to get all nearby diamonds. Therefore, you don't need to move left or right to pick up the diamonds anymore. However, its effect also disappears after a limited time.
  • x2 Multiplier: If you want to double the number of diamonds you collected, use this booster.


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