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Zombies vs Finger


About Zombies vs Finger

Welcome to Zombies vs Finger, the land of the corpses. Do you want to become a hero? Be brave to use your fingers and destroy all these monsters.

Welcome to the land of the dead. One fine day the whole city you live in is being attacked by the undead. Watching them eat people and it's scary. Everyone who is bitten by them will contract the virus and turn into a zombie. Can't let that happen, you have to act quickly and stop them from reaching your land to keep your place safe. When you destroy them all, you will go to a new level and face more and more scary zombies. Can you defeat these terrifying zombies?

Defeat Zoobies

Your goal is to defeat all these scary zombies. To accomplish this goal, you need to use your mouse to click or tap the zombies to kill them. Although the gameplay is simple, zombies appear a lot and you need to be flexible to be able to deal with them. Zombies appear in waves, wave after wave, and appear more and more at the end of each level. In particular, there are many types of zombies with different sizes and walking speeds at each level. You can see normal zombies walking slowly, green zombies moving quickly from corner to corner, or fat zombies that have the ability to create baby zombies after death. They are scary monsters, you must kill them quickly so that they cannot harm and enter your land.


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