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Babel Tower


About Babel Tower

Babel Tower is a clicker game that allows you to create your own tower. Perform the assigned tasks to be able to build and develop your own tower.

In this game, you will be the one to build and lay the foundation for the whole tower from the time it was just a wasteland. Help your tower become as big and as tall as possible and make it proud. So how to build. From the very beginning, you will have basic materials such as wood and stone. Use them to build the foundation for the tower. You are the owner and you manage this tower so build carefully. When playing this game you will definitely think of some other interesting games such as Cookie Clicker City and Capybara Clicker, but surely each game will bring you different experiences, so try to experience them all and don't worry. miss.

Game Play

Perform each task to earn money by clicking and holding continuously on the screen to exploit stone and wood materials. Brickmaking and a host of other construction jobs are all just one click away. Complete the tasks of each level, you go to the next level to continue to complete the unfinished tower. If you want to increase speed, try to earn money to upgrade and buy new machines. On the menu, there will be a lot of tools for you to choose from, but there will be items up to certain levels that you can open. Pay attention to the experts: miners, builders, craftsmen, woodworkers, and builders, who will help you achieve success the fastest. Try to build a very tall tower, bring yourself up to see the vast sky, and show off your achievements to your friends.


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