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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath is a game for you to experience exciting adventures. In the game, let's overcome dangerous monsters and become the winner.

To dodge any dangers in this game, such as spikes, lofty walls, creatures, etc., you must jump or soar up. They are numerous and line the pathway. Keep in mind that you will return to your starting point if you unexpectedly crash with them. Therefore, all you have to do to precisely avoid any obstacle is to pay close attention, move rapidly, and tap the screen at the right time. Use the flashing jump orbs and pads on the road to execute double jumps. You will also see a handful of portals along the way. Through these gateways, your appearance will change. You can transform into a ball, wave, ship, cube, UFO, or cube. Normal Mode and Practice Mode are the two game modes offered in the game. For checkpoints in Practice mode, you can utilize a green gem. This means that after hitting the obstacles, you can revive at the checkpoints along the way rather than from the level's beginning. In light of this, this mode is suitable for newbies who are still becoming acquainted with the game. In the Normal Mode, though, you'll have to start from scratch and attempt again. Play now with your friends to see how many points you get and how far you can go.

This game is designed for anyone who enjoys adventure games such as Teen Runner, Skates Sky Roller, Rocking Sky Trip, and Island Survival 3D.

How to play

Use the ASDW key to move or use the spacebar and left mouse button to jump up and out of obstacles.


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