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Track Control


About Track Control

Track Control is a speed control game for a ball that you will surely be hooked. You and the ball must overcome all dangerous difficulties along the way.

Your goal is to use the platform to guide the little ball into the bucket. Keep an eye out for spikes and other hazards, and don't let the ball fall outside or you'll fail. Track Control likes yet another clever arcade game with ball bounces, 2D circular bombs, and blocking boards. Your task is to rotate the bombs and gather them. At the same moment, all blocking boards will rotate. I hope you have the fortitude to finish all forty levels. By level 15, you must make a timed maneuver that falls far off an inclined platform, ricochets off a spinning platform, and falls into the bucket while avoiding a moving spiky mallet swinging on a chain. Maintain your cool and plan a safe falling path! We all know that in most games, the tutorial can be skipped, and players prefer to find things out for themselves. However, this game has so many moving elements that you'll want to know what each one accomplishes. There's a lot to pay attention to on the interface If you are not quick and focused, unexpected obstacles will make you unable to react.

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How to play

Use the mouse to move. 


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