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A Dance of Fire and Ice


About A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a rhythm game with strict rules. You must not let the water ball and the fireball come into contact and deviate from the trajectory.

The player controls two solid-color planets circling one other along a tile route throughout the stages of A Dance of Fire And Ice. The player must input while the presently orbiting planet lands in the center of the following tile, which will cause the second planet to orbit. While there is some leeway, the timing is critical, and failure to press in time will cause the planets to lose their balance, collide and explode. Because everything is so simple, you should be ready to start having fun right away. Completing those really difficult stages will also feel fairly fulfilling as one of the most unusual rhythm games, making the game worthwhile. The game's great music is one of its highlights, thus playing at maximum volume is a necessity. Learn the game's mechanics, listen to the music, and finish the challenge. Will you be able to accomplish all three worlds? This is a rhythm game where your hearing is more essential than your eyes. Later levels will include exceedingly difficult pathways that will demand your whole focus. There are times when the stages are unforgiving: one mistake and you'll have to restart the entire map from the beginning.

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How to play

Use the mouse and move.


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