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About Terraria

Terraria is a unique and exciting journey game. Are you ready to start digging, build a house of your own, and protect them from dangerous bosses?

Have you ever gone hiking and got stuck? Now, you are officially lost and have to find a way to survive in the wild and dangerous forest. Let's test your survival ability now. Have you felt hungry and cold at nightfall? So the first thing you have to do is create a house. In the forest, there are a lot of trees, and axes also have. Carving hard and you will have a house of your own. Let's get to work right away creating a warm home for you. Once your house is complete, you should start gathering supplies, such as torches, ropes, money, mushrooms, etc. Your benefits increase as your income does. Nothing is superfluous, the more you take, the richer you become. If you are afraid of not using them all, keep them in storage. You can pick it up whenever you want. So don't hesitate to gather any helpful items you come across. As soon as you have sufficient materials in your inventory, you can start crafting. When combining them together according to the correct formula, the new item is considered complete. Items produced by various recipes will vary. There will be a lot of things that take a lot of time to find to get and make it very difficult. So be careful not to make mistakes and waste. You can try to make fishing rods, go fishing for food, and relax fishing is all things that people enjoy. Your serene land is also in the sights of the tycoons, so you shouldn't expect to be able to relax for very long. To defend your house and property, all you need to do is stand up and fight. Bosses will frequently appear at night, which is a special thing to keep in mind. Let's gradually learn about it in the Journey Mode, Camera Mode, Expert Mode, Master Mode, Legendary Mode, and Hard Mode. Each level is a world with different difficulties that you need to overcome. Terraria will bring a different gaming experience to you. You create your own journeys and destinations. It will give you creative freedom and give you the most relaxing moments.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Guns Of Rage, Track Control, Super Mario Bros, and Vampire Survivors.

How to play

To play the game, you will have to use the ASDW keys, the arrow keys, or the spacebar to jump. If you want to check the inventory, press the E key, and the 0-9 button for you to choose the tool.


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