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Super Mario Bros


About Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is Mario's classic princess rescue game. Our mushroom princess is being captured by the evil turtle Koopa, can you rescue her?

Solo players pilot Mario in Super Mario Bros and must save Princess Toadstool with opponents ranging from mushroom-like Goombas to evil turtles known as Koopa Troopas. Jumping on opponents is frequently the only way to overcome them. You'll have to climb mountains, traverse oceans, dodge bottomless holes, battle against turtle warriors, and evade a slew of black magic traps. To win the game, Mario must reach the flag pole at the conclusion of each level. These are the different locations that you need to pass and also to stimulate your adventure and desire to win. Some underground and some above ground, including clashes at the conclusion of levels in the castle. But after fierce battles, a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom informs Mario or Luigi that the princess is in another castle. You continue to unlock to the next level, another castle, and keep fighting. The game only ends when Bowser is actually defeated and Princess Toadstool is rescued. To be able to become Super Mario and have incredible power, let's eat a mushroom, increasing his size and giving him the ability to break the tough bricks. If he is struck while in this state, he will return to his usual self but will not die. Or eating a Fire Flower changes Mario into Fire Mario, who can unleash bouncing fireballs from his hands. Along the way, you will also have to collect all the coins, especially the coins with question marks that will help you unlock special items.

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How to play

Move the mouse quickly, and observe the path carefully to rescue the princess.


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